Can I Give My Newborn a Pacifier?

Normally, most of the babies would have strong sucking reflex, some babies has the habit of sucking their thumbs or fingers before they born. Beyond considered about the nutrition values sucking often has the soothing and calming effects. This is the main reason why parents prefer the pacifiers along with their diaper wiper.

But you would have an oscillation in your mind that whether you can use the pacifier for your newborn babies? Before finding out the answer for this question there is a need for you to know its positive side as well as its negative side only then you can decide whether to use or skip it off.

Why to use?

  • Some babies would really feel happy when they are sucking on something.
  • The pacifier acts as the temporary distractions.
  • It has the power to make your baby to fall asleep.
  • It helps for reducing the risk of your sudden infant of death syndrome.
  • You can easily dispose them when its needs are fulfilled.

Why not to use?

  • It acts as interfere with your breast feeding and some babies are sensitive so they cannot adapt to it easily.
  • Your babies might get addicted or dependent on it and they love to use it always.
  • It might also increase out your risk of your middle ear infection.
  • Prolonged usage might lead to the dental problems.

Can I Give My Newborn a Pacifier


  • You should wait until for few weeks to get well established results found in breastfeeding’s.
  • Don’t use the pacifier without knowing for what reason you are giving to your babies.
  • It is best choice for you to prefer the silicone one piece that adds safety.
  • There is a need for you to maintain it clean and don’t ever sugarcoat it.
  • After using it keep it in the safest place.

Even when it has lots of pro’s and con’s without knowing about how, why and necessity to use then it would create some problems. So before starting to use try to know everything about it and do some research works on it and start using it. When you have lots of confusions then get clarified them with your doctors and then start to use it and make your baby to feel pleasant that has the power to bring out a cute smile in the face of your pretty kids.

The best pacifier for breast feeding

Becoming a mother for the first time creates a golden opportunity for you because many people are longing to get that happiness in their life. So as a mother there is a need for you to choose all best things for your little charm.

When you are choosing the pacifiers there is a need for you to choose the best pacifier for breastfeeding. Here are few of the best pacifiers for breastfed your babies and make them to stay active.

Attractive MAM pacifiers

  • During night time you can easily find it because it has a glowing specialty during dark nights.
  • The outside handle would contain an adorable picture.
  • The shape is designed in the systematic method so that your nipple cannot be put in your baby’s mouth wrongly.
  • One can easily clean out the silicone pacifier easily through keeping them in microwave for three minutes.

Impressive Philips avent soothie pacifier

  • The shape would be rounded and easy for you to use. The nipple mostly goes directly up and curves.
  • You can easily clean it and use it.

Stylist Ecopiggy’s Ecopacifier

  • It acts as like a natural soother for your infant babies.
  • Free from the chemicals and colorants.
  • Free from the plastic, PVC and other unhygienic things

Interesting Evenflo feeding

  • It is balanced up with the cylindrical pacifier and easy to maintain,
  • The silicone material remains to be best product and it includes the easy grip handles that would be good for mother as well as baby.
  • It is free from the BPA and polycarbonate and it is safe for your kids to make use of it.

Tommee tippe

  • It is more closely resembles out a nursing nipple.
  • It holds the natural curves without any sharp angels.
  • It acts as a great plus for the mother who likes to transmit their baby from breast to pacifier.
  • It comes out with the super soft silicone for providing the easier latching and natural skin like feelings.Can I Give My Newborn a Pacifier

    NUK newborn 100% silicone Orthodontic pacifier

    You can get them in four different sixes and most of the brand would offer three different sizes. So it suits for all types of babies who are under 26 month. That too the interesting fact is that you can buy based on that.

    Beyond its sizes the brand it claims for offering a truly orthodontic shape and it acts as a one piece for construction features with the asymmetrical shape that supports for the oral developments.

    Fascinating bibs nature rubber baby

    It provides the best comfortable situation for your babies. It acts as a best replacement for your breast to suckle. The shape and material imitate as like the mothers breast so your babies would really like that pacifier.

    Like other kinds of the pacifiers it is designed in the safe to use manner and it contains a ring holds through using it you can hold it or attach a clip.

    When your baby get comfortable situation sure they too would love and like to make use of it and stay happy and energetic always.

    How to predict more pacifiers?

    You don’t want to feel oh my God! Only this many pacifiers are available for your babies because when you can make a search you can find out lots of best pacifier for breastfeeding products on online store and you can choose one from them and start using it. Before buying any product on online store check the customer reviews.