Tips for Creating Good Habits While Toilet Training Your Child

Children need to be taught good habits from the smallest things like eating and sleeping on time, communication habits … and especially the habit of going to the toilet on time. Many mothers are often subjective because they have diapers so they do not pay attention to the time and quality of the toilet. The use of diapers too much will also affect the habit and harm the skin of children. The following article will help mothers better understand the issues surrounding the child’s toilet and how to form a good toilet habits for children.

What is the appropriate time for children to go to the toilet?

Babies in the newborn period from 0 to 6 months old are very difficult for their mothers to teach them to go to the toilet because at this time. They still cannot control their own toilet. When your baby is 6 months or older, moms should gradually teach your child how to recognize when to go to the toilet or to watch for signs of when your baby “sad” to go to the toilet.

This stage requires a lot of attention from the mother. Whenever you feel that the baby can hear and understand what I’m saying, it’s time for me to make the habit of going to the toilet on time.

Experience in practicing toilet habits for children

Practicing the right time to go to the toilet for your baby is not to make him / her punctual in order to go to the toilet, but rather based on the time of the baby who often goes to the toilet to arrange a more appropriate time to go to the toilet . Mother must observe carefully, the signs when you prepare to go to the toilet to readjust. For example, does he usually go to the bathroom when he wakes up? What happens when babies finish eating? Or after you have just finished breastfeeding?

When mom has grasped the schedule of the baby and then mother to practice at that time. The baby learns to familiarize yourself with the sound of the mother or questions like whether you want to pee or not. If you have pee, it will help you more easily in the process of training the child.

Some babies tell their mother when she has finished peeing. So be patient and teach her when she wants to pee, let her know in advance. At first maybe the baby still doesn’t understand what mom wants to say. But this is also a way to help her be more active in toileting.

Mom should note the following tips to create habits for your children easily.

Asking the mother to persevere

Creating a good habit of going to the toilet is not possible every day. Moreover, mother also limits the use of baby diapers. When wearing a diaper, it will be difficult for her to detect when the child has gone to the toilet and the baby will be passive with the awareness that she has finished using the toilet.

When you see the baby suddenly go to the toilet in the middle of the house, on the mattress. Then the mother do not rush to prevent or panic. But keep a stable mood, encourage your child because doing so can startle him and his image affect the excretion of the baby.

Get your child familiar with the toilet image

By showing each day your mother’s and baby’s programs, things you should teach your child to feel more curious, watch and learn very quickly.

When the baby is sitting, the mother should use the toilet in a potty or toilet seat. Making a habit when mom holds her to her seat then she knows she will have to go to the toilet.

Hopefully mom has equipped more good knowledge in the process of taking care of children. Each routine seems to be simple but it gives a lot of meaning to the mother and the baby. Wishing you success with your determination!